Yong Jing’s Kitchen Enlightenment

4.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

430 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

(02) 9697 0011


Reddit spoke, and we were Enlightened


Enlightened Reddit users Retroencabulator, ProfessorPhi and Turd111 pointed us towards Kingsford to a restaurant with a title well-placed among nearby Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star and Dong Dong's. Though if there's a phallic mention, we didn't get it.

We were well-fed, but not enlightened. I was close on second helpings at lunch today, I made a cone around my ear to hear if someone was whispering to me, but it was the cyclonic air conditioning and it was just me there, eating my leftovers, alone.

Kitchen Englightenment is awesome. I'm not convinced it's better than Wang Wang's, but it doesn't have to be either - I'm eating Wang's (ha) for pan-fried duplings and pork pancakes. Englightenment has a book for a menu. Not book-sized, a book; hardcover and everything, but their offering is a bit different. It's also a LOT quicker, and about the same price.

They do have Pork Pancakes, but they're not what you expect. They were fine, but the better orders were the Marinated Pork and the Shredded Beef Fillet in Beijing Sauce. The Garlic + Shallow Crispy Chicken was decent and 10/10 for crispiness, but needed some more flavour, and the Beans + Pork with Olives was a bit disappointing: overcooked and soft.

We will be back! Thankyou, Reddit. Middle Eastern food in Hurstville, next.


If you are sick of Dong Dong, or Wang Wang, or other phallic sounding nearby Chinese restaurants, then it might be time for a bit of enlightenment!

The menu was a monster! It was about 40 pages long and must of had about 200 dishes. By the time I got to the end, I forgot the start, and went through it all again. I swear I saw duck pancakes, but no matter how many times I'd flip front to back, they would never be found again. Ahh, mysterious enlightenment.

Food was a fairly priced and the servings were massive. Easily enough for 2 people to share 1 dish. Being the over ambitious brothers we are, we ordered 5 dishes, and embarrassingly, only made a small dent into each, except for the marinated pork, we destroyed that.

Food was pretty damn good, marinated pork was the bomb and the crispy skin chicken with chilli was tasty.

To be honest, I prefer the Wang.

The Best: Name, Marinated Pork, Shredded Beef Fillet in Beijing Sauce
The Worst: Still waiting on Enlightenment, soft/soggy Fried Beans

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