Xage Vietnamese

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

333 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW

(02) 9332 3344


It's on Crown St and it's cheap


Xage is the Asian restaurant equivalent of when your girlfriend asks you to stop taking her to the Courthouse, so you take her to The Bank: it's moderately more expensive, the traffic is pretty poor in comparison, but you can get a better beer.

Like maturing from The Mighty Boosh to Peep Show. The Boosh is always there for you, but your friends don't understand it and Peep Show is something a little special. It's not cheating.

It's like your going out shirt.

It's just fucking amazing.


Xage is no Vietnamese haunt hidden down an alley way where you're more likely to get jumped than a good curry. Xage is in the thick of it, right on Crown St, and DAMN is it good!

No, it's no $7 eat, but it is also not some wanky Vietnamese restaurant that is trying to sell me $15 Vietnamese rolls that I could buy from Sandra down at Edgecliff for $4, it is pretty reasonable -- especially for that end of town.

Sometimes you may experience a bit of a wait outside, but once you're in service is super quick, no mucking around, right onto the job at hand.

Go for the curries, fresh rolls and good times.

The Best: Beef Curry, Duck Rolls, $20-30 a head, quick, BYO
The Worst: Hipsters, no parking

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