Pho 236

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

236 King St, Newtown, NSW

02) 9550 2480

Best Pho in Sydney, but don't use the bathroom


Don't touch anything - not even the menu. Everything looks pretty scummy, and there are only two things you want here: Chicken Pho ($7.80, on the menu as Chicken Noodle Soup) or Beef Vermicelli ($7.60 or something). You can ask them to add some fried Spring Rolls to your vermicelli to take it to the next level, too.

Not that the rest is bad, but these two are about the best dishes in town. The Pho is packed with veg - it's not particularly traditional, but you shouldn't be worried about that if you're having Pho Ga and not Bo in the first place.

It's a contentious point, but I think this is the best Pho Ga in the city. HSBC Food Court and Yen's in Redfern come close, but this is where it's at.


It's all about the Pho Ga. It's that good the place is named after it. They bring out the freshest bean sprouts just before you get your soup, if you can hold back and not eat them all, they go perfectly in the soup.

The salt and pepper squid is also good, but that's all you get. No rice, just squid. Fresh spring rolls are fine, not the best, and the Mongolian Lamb is pretty tasty too, even if not very Viet.

The Best: Quick, cheap, bottle shop next door
The Worst: A tramp would catch a new disease in the bathroom, no tea or water unless you ask

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