Good Wok

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

32 Marco Avenue, Revesby, NSW

(02) 9565 2175

Tacky + delicious + $8


Good Wok is now reopen in Revesby.

You know those sketchy places that you think could be rewarding, but might also make you shit your pants and end up on the bathroom floor in tears, swearing you'll go vegan?

We're in there - that's us in the tacky red chair with the big bowl of beef with an age as vague as the Asian waitress. We're doing this stuff for you, and Good Wok is one of our biggest successes yet.

Straight up, you're going to want to ask for no onions + capsicum. These guys love the stuff and you'll get more of the good veg if you have them leave it. You're also going to want Chilli Beef or Satay Chicken, they're the standouts. You will get free prawn crackers, you may get tea. If you're a woman you may get a fork + spoon. So, the woman's sexist? You'll forgive her when you get your meal.

It's about as good as cheap Chinese gets, especially in Newtown. Don't even begin about Happy Chef, it does not compare. The little lady's also hilarious. Ok ok ok, thank you thank you thank you. You'll be grateful, too.


If you are visiting Good Wok for the first time, stay away from the satay, it will most likely mess you up. Even if it is the best dish on the menu, we've seen it do damage. Work up to it, prepare the stomach with a few chilli beefs, maybe a black bean pepper or a mongolian.

The Wok is amazing, if you're planning your trip out there though, ring ahead. They like to go on holidays for what seems like months at a time. And they are not open 1 day a week, not sure which day, but usually the day you are feeling hungover and in need of that delicious chilli beef.

The prawn crackers have their moments. Sometimes they are top of their game, other times they taste like they're serving you a bag they just found behind the deep fryer.

The Best: Sweet lady, South King St
The Worst: No toilet, Sweet + Sour Pork

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