Ayam Goreng 99

4.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

464 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

(02) 9697 0030

Best Fried Chicken in Sydney, no arguments.


Chicken, rice, noodles and that's about it. There's some other weird veg dish that you order to make yourself feel better, and you want it to be Bok Choy, but it's these weird pipe type things that are OK, but really they're just taking up Fried Chicken potential.

You walk into this place and they put you down on a list to wait for a spot. It doesn't take long, and sometimes you can just sneak in on the end of a table. It's absolutely packed all the time - it's big with the uni and the whole of Sydney's Indo population, apparently.

With a little pen and pad you then tell them how much chicken you want. There are other things (other chicken things), but it's about the Fried Chicken. That's why you're reading this, that's why you're going. I can't remember the names, but the one on the far right of the menu is tastiest.

Beyond the chicken, the Nasi Goreng is immense. It's becoming my favourite dish (look out Good Wok Chilli Beef!), even with the strange little sausage things. What a dream.


If you want fried chicken, this is the place to go, it's like an Asian KFC, but without the salmonella. Pronounced "I am going 99", as in, I am going 99 pieces of awesome chicken. And you probably will.

You wouldn't want to bring a vegetarian here, or, anyone that doesn't like chicken really. Almost every dish contains chicken. However they will probably be turned, so hey, bring them along.

Fried chicken is a bit expensive at $6 a piece, and there are cheaper places around, but, it is one of the best going. Nasi Goreng is good too. Again, more chicken.

The Best: Huge bits of fried chicken, Nasi Goreng, write your own order
The Worst: Always busy, tempting restaurants either side, everything contains chicken

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