3.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

1 Dixon St, Chinatown, NSW

(02) 9264 1588

Don't come for the puns, but the chicken's OK.


There's nothing much here for us - it's not that cheap, there are next to no puns available, and it's outside our usual circuit. All the same - it's a pretty good meal if you're in the area, but I wouldn't cross the city with a company of eight for it, which I did.

The Hot Pot makes you feel like you're on camp, and the little white mushies like you might have found them in the forest. I skipped those, but being responsible for an open flame on my table was quite flattering.

The BBQ Pork was pretty delicious - and it's just pork. No vegetables, onion, just pork. It comes on what looks like a grill, but it's not on fire. I can fool myself with the fireplace channel on the TV, but this didn't even come close to satisfying - I wanted that thing on fire!

The chicken was solid - the original was dry, not oily and pretty good flavour. The saucy chicken was OK - a bit messy for these office hands. If the line at Mamak was too long, and you had your heart set on chicken, you could go here and be mildly appeased.

Not bad, not bad. But not Kingsford, either.


Having visited with 3 other food bloggers, we felt empowered, we felt like these guys must know who we are, we were on Reddit that one time. We demanded a seat both equal distance from the kitchen and the outdoor dining area and requested that we all be given photo credits (thanks ChocolateSuze!) and left our rate cards on the table.

Food was good, chicken was delicious, if not a bit oily. The saucy fried chicken was a bit rough and they were a bit light on the paper towels. Would of liked some wet ones like the real KFC. Would go back for the noodle hotpot, BBQ pork and original fried chicken.

No potato and gravy. Didn't see the Colonel. 1 out of 5

The Best: BBQ pork, hot pot excitement
The Worst: Greasy chicken, not great value

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