3.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

1 Dixon St, Chinatown, NSW

(02) 9264 1588

Don't come for the puns, but the chicken's OK.


There's nothing much here for us - it's not that cheap, there are next to no puns available, and it's outside our usual circuit. All the same - it's a pretty good meal if you're in the area, but I wouldn't cross the city with a company of eight for it, which I did.

The Hot Pot makes you feel like you're on camp, and the little white mushies like you might have found them in the forest. I skipped those, but being responsible for an open flame on my table was quite flattering.

The BBQ Pork was pretty delicious - and it's just pork. No vegetables, onion, just pork. It comes on what looks like a grill, but it's not on fire. I can fool myself with the fireplace channel on the TV, but this didn't even come close to satisfying - I wanted that thing on fire!

The chicken was solid - the original was dry, not oily and pretty good flavour. The saucy chicken was OK - a bit messy for these office hands. If the line at Mamak was too long, and you had your heart set on chicken, you could go here and be mildly appeased.

Not bad, not bad. But not Kingsford, either.


Having visited with 3 other food bloggers, we felt empowered, we felt like these guys must know who we are, we were on Reddit that one time. We demanded a seat both equal distance from the kitchen and the outdoor dining area and requested that we all be given photo credits (thanks ChocolateSuze!) and left our rate cards on the table.

Food was good, chicken was delicious, if not a bit oily. The saucy fried chicken was a bit rough and they were a bit light on the paper towels. Would of liked some wet ones like the real KFC. Would go back for the noodle hotpot, BBQ pork and original fried chicken.

No potato and gravy. Didn't see the Colonel. 1 out of 5

The Best: BBQ pork, hot pot excitement
The Worst: Greasy chicken, not great value

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Yong Jing’s Kitchen Enlightenment

4.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

430 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

(02) 9697 0011

Reddit spoke, and we were Enlightened


Enlightened Reddit users Retroencabulator, ProfessorPhi and Turd111 pointed us towards Kingsford to a restaurant with a title well-placed among nearby Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star and Dong Dong's. Though if there's a phallic mention, we didn't get it.

We were well-fed, but not enlightened. I was close on second helpings at lunch today, I made a cone around my ear to hear if someone was whispering to me, but it was the cyclonic air conditioning and it was just me there, eating my leftovers, alone.

Kitchen Englightenment is awesome. I'm not convinced it's better than Wang Wang's, but it doesn't have to be either - I'm eating Wang's (ha) for pan-fried duplings and pork pancakes. Englightenment has a book for a menu. Not book-sized, a book; hardcover and everything, but their offering is a bit different. It's also a LOT quicker, and about the same price.

They do have Pork Pancakes, but they're not what you expect. They were fine, but the better orders were the Marinated Pork and the Shredded Beef Fillet in Beijing Sauce. The Garlic + Shallow Crispy Chicken was decent and 10/10 for crispiness, but needed some more flavour, and the Beans + Pork with Olives was a bit disappointing: overcooked and soft.

We will be back! Thankyou, Reddit. Middle Eastern food in Hurstville, next.


If you are sick of Dong Dong, or Wang Wang, or other phallic sounding nearby Chinese restaurants, then it might be time for a bit of enlightenment!

The menu was a monster! It was about 40 pages long and must of had about 200 dishes. By the time I got to the end, I forgot the start, and went through it all again. I swear I saw duck pancakes, but no matter how many times I'd flip front to back, they would never be found again. Ahh, mysterious enlightenment.

Food was a fairly priced and the servings were massive. Easily enough for 2 people to share 1 dish. Being the over ambitious brothers we are, we ordered 5 dishes, and embarrassingly, only made a small dent into each, except for the marinated pork, we destroyed that.

Food was pretty damn good, marinated pork was the bomb and the crispy skin chicken with chilli was tasty.

To be honest, I prefer the Wang.

The Best: Name, Marinated Pork, Shredded Beef Fillet in Beijing Sauce
The Worst: Still waiting on Enlightenment, soft/soggy Fried Beans

Huge-Menus beans crispy-chicken pork-pancake pork-sauce pork-something yong-jing Yong Jing's Kitchen Enlightenment on Urbanspoon

Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

476 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

(02) 9662 1688

Double Wang on Anzac Parade!


Not only will your friends not believe that this place is actually called Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star, they won't be able to comprehend that it cost you $15 a head, and then blew that head open like a bunga in a letter box in a dramatic explosion of bready dumplings and pancakes.

Because we're all about bold claims, I'm going to come right out and say this is both the only Chinese I've eaten on Anzac Parade and the greatest. I can say this because I'm a food blogger and it's my right; like having an oversized camera, ego and rate card.

It's always packed here with families and students, and we suspect, from ongoing investigation and unfounded assumption, that most should have a better idea of great Chinese food than us. The tofu hot pots and sizzling plates are popular, so might be worth trying, but we've not been that adventurous yet - it's just too difficult to go past the classics we get every time: Chicken Black Bean, Fried Pork Dumplings and the Pork Pancakes.

Go get some Wang!


If you get a craving for dumpings, or awesome Chinese food, but don't want to pay through the roof, head to Wang Wang Shanghai Silverstar. After a meal here, you will always be craving the Wang!

Dumplings here are the best. They are not as good as Din Tai Fung, or other wanky inner city joints, but, they are up there, and for about a quarter of the price, you can't go wrong! Made by the little lady out back (see photo below), they are also super fresh! Being an exceptional food blogger, I don't remember specific dumplings, I think we just ordered all of them, and they were bloody good!

If you are in the area, you can't go wrong, with Wang Wang! Good price, good times!

The Best: The name, Dumplings, Pork Pancakes, Chicken Black Bean
The Worst: Can be slow in the evenings

kingsford-chinese-chicken-black-bean Kingsford Fried Dumplings kingsford-chinese-pork-pancakes kingsford-dumplings Best Kingsford Chinese Restaurant, Anzac Parade Ayam Goreng 99 on Urbanspoon

Ayam Goreng 99

4.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

464 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

(02) 9697 0030

Best Fried Chicken in Sydney, no arguments.


Chicken, rice, noodles and that's about it. There's some other weird veg dish that you order to make yourself feel better, and you want it to be Bok Choy, but it's these weird pipe type things that are OK, but really they're just taking up Fried Chicken potential.

You walk into this place and they put you down on a list to wait for a spot. It doesn't take long, and sometimes you can just sneak in on the end of a table. It's absolutely packed all the time - it's big with the uni and the whole of Sydney's Indo population, apparently.

With a little pen and pad you then tell them how much chicken you want. There are other things (other chicken things), but it's about the Fried Chicken. That's why you're reading this, that's why you're going. I can't remember the names, but the one on the far right of the menu is tastiest.

Beyond the chicken, the Nasi Goreng is immense. It's becoming my favourite dish (look out Good Wok Chilli Beef!), even with the strange little sausage things. What a dream.


If you want fried chicken, this is the place to go, it's like an Asian KFC, but without the salmonella. Pronounced "I am going 99", as in, I am going 99 pieces of awesome chicken. And you probably will.

You wouldn't want to bring a vegetarian here, or, anyone that doesn't like chicken really. Almost every dish contains chicken. However they will probably be turned, so hey, bring them along.

Fried chicken is a bit expensive at $6 a piece, and there are cheaper places around, but, it is one of the best going. Nasi Goreng is good too. Again, more chicken.

The Best: Huge bits of fried chicken, Nasi Goreng, write your own order
The Worst: Always busy, tempting restaurants either side, everything contains chicken

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Thai Me Up

4.5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

112 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW

(02) 93608848

Come on in. Don't touch the walls, the menu or the stir fries.


This spot, handsdown, has the best Pad See Ew in Sydney. The Pad Kee Mow (fried rice) and the curries are pretty bad arse, too - especially Panang.

Pretty much any noodle or curry dish here is good, but I'd skip the stir fries. There must some tribe business going on in Thailand, and these guys have been ostracised from the Stir Fry camp since the Siamese Revolution. It's a bit of a shame, but with a Pad See Ew like this, you can afford to get your Ginger Chicken elsewhere (suggestions coming).

Worth noting that this place probably has the skankiest bathroom on Oxford Street. Even for a street known for 'dirty' bathrooms, this is next level. Just check the photo of the menu down below for a hint of the scum. It may have something to do with this place also being a bit of a haunt for roughies. But, you're on Oxford Street! Isn't that what you come for?


Thai Me Up, a bad pun, made worse that you can buy the materials to tie someone up next door - kinky.

Pad see ew + curries are the go, salads not so much. Can sometimes be a hobo haunt.

The Best: Pad See Ew, Panang Curry, Fried Rice, Bottle Shop around the corner
The Worst: Hobos, Salads, Stir Fries

best-pad-see-ew-sydney Thai Duck Soup Pad Kee Mow Sydney Thai Me Up Sydney Menu Thai Me Up on Urbanspoon

Pho 236

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

236 King St, Newtown, NSW

02) 9550 2480

Best Pho in Sydney, but don't use the bathroom


Don't touch anything - not even the menu. Everything looks pretty scummy, and there are only two things you want here: Chicken Pho ($7.80, on the menu as Chicken Noodle Soup) or Beef Vermicelli ($7.60 or something). You can ask them to add some fried Spring Rolls to your vermicelli to take it to the next level, too.

Not that the rest is bad, but these two are about the best dishes in town. The Pho is packed with veg - it's not particularly traditional, but you shouldn't be worried about that if you're having Pho Ga and not Bo in the first place.

It's a contentious point, but I think this is the best Pho Ga in the city. HSBC Food Court and Yen's in Redfern come close, but this is where it's at.


It's all about the Pho Ga. It's that good the place is named after it. They bring out the freshest bean sprouts just before you get your soup, if you can hold back and not eat them all, they go perfectly in the soup.

The salt and pepper squid is also good, but that's all you get. No rice, just squid. Fresh spring rolls are fine, not the best, and the Mongolian Lamb is pretty tasty too, even if not very Viet.

The Best: Quick, cheap, bottle shop next door
The Worst: A tramp would catch a new disease in the bathroom, no tea or water unless you ask

Pho Ga Sydney Best Pho in Sydney Pho 236 on Urbanspoon

Xage Vietnamese

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

333 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW

(02) 9332 3344

It's on Crown St and it's cheap


Xage is the Asian restaurant equivalent of when your girlfriend asks you to stop taking her to the Courthouse, so you take her to The Bank: it's moderately more expensive, the traffic is pretty poor in comparison, but you can get a better beer.

Like maturing from The Mighty Boosh to Peep Show. The Boosh is always there for you, but your friends don't understand it and Peep Show is something a little special. It's not cheating.

It's like your going out shirt.

It's just fucking amazing.


Xage is no Vietnamese haunt hidden down an alley way where you're more likely to get jumped than a good curry. Xage is in the thick of it, right on Crown St, and DAMN is it good!

No, it's no $7 eat, but it is also not some wanky Vietnamese restaurant that is trying to sell me $15 Vietnamese rolls that I could buy from Sandra down at Edgecliff for $4, it is pretty reasonable -- especially for that end of town.

Sometimes you may experience a bit of a wait outside, but once you're in service is super quick, no mucking around, right onto the job at hand.

Go for the curries, fresh rolls and good times.

The Best: Beef Curry, Duck Rolls, $20-30 a head, quick, BYO
The Worst: Hipsters, no parking

Xage Vietnamese Xage Vietnamese - Duck Rolls Xage Vietnamese - Beef Curry Xage Vietnamese - Cheap! Xage Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

Good Wok

5 reviewed by Two Brothers Eating

32 Marco Avenue, Revesby, NSW

(02) 9565 2175

Tacky + delicious + $8


Good Wok is now reopen in Revesby.

You know those sketchy places that you think could be rewarding, but might also make you shit your pants and end up on the bathroom floor in tears, swearing you'll go vegan?

We're in there - that's us in the tacky red chair with the big bowl of beef with an age as vague as the Asian waitress. We're doing this stuff for you, and Good Wok is one of our biggest successes yet.

Straight up, you're going to want to ask for no onions + capsicum. These guys love the stuff and you'll get more of the good veg if you have them leave it. You're also going to want Chilli Beef or Satay Chicken, they're the standouts. You will get free prawn crackers, you may get tea. If you're a woman you may get a fork + spoon. So, the woman's sexist? You'll forgive her when you get your meal.

It's about as good as cheap Chinese gets, especially in Newtown. Don't even begin about Happy Chef, it does not compare. The little lady's also hilarious. Ok ok ok, thank you thank you thank you. You'll be grateful, too.


If you are visiting Good Wok for the first time, stay away from the satay, it will most likely mess you up. Even if it is the best dish on the menu, we've seen it do damage. Work up to it, prepare the stomach with a few chilli beefs, maybe a black bean pepper or a mongolian.

The Wok is amazing, if you're planning your trip out there though, ring ahead. They like to go on holidays for what seems like months at a time. And they are not open 1 day a week, not sure which day, but usually the day you are feeling hungover and in need of that delicious chilli beef.

The prawn crackers have their moments. Sometimes they are top of their game, other times they taste like they're serving you a bag they just found behind the deep fryer.

The Best: Sweet lady, South King St
The Worst: No toilet, Sweet + Sour Pork

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